360° Assessment

Innovation Program Benchmark

Where you are now, and what should you do to maximize your Innovation program's impact throughout all levels of your organization?

Benchmark Your Products & Services

Identify your business's strengths and opportunities, so you can laser focus your Innovation efforts (we support 16 industries).

Together, Your Innovation Will Go Far!

Help your internal functions HR, IT, Finance, Legal, Info-Security, Sales, CS & others to move the needle and be cheerleaders for Innovation.

Idea Management Platform

What-If Challenges Tool

Thought provoking challenges aligned with your organization goals to jazz up your community and rally them towards their Eureka moments!

Holistic Idea Management

Generating, capturing, discussing & improving, organizing, and evaluating & prioritizing breakthrough and/or incremental ideas.

All-Inclusive Platform

Seamless social media features, built-in Email & Messaging tools, integral video & content repository, and portal administration.

Enterprise Ready

Run multiple Innovation programs integrated with single-sign-on & master data, smartphone ready, exclusive domain, and secured Data/IP.

Innovation Insights

Transcendent analytics tool that helps program managers measure and report the excitement, engagement, and innovation performance.

Innovation At Play!

Interactive portal, AI/ML powered smart matching, voice-to-text, Innovators' personality insights and intrinsic values & needs.

Event Management

Manage Local/Global Events

Publish, search, and find Events, RSVP, integrated Calendar invites/reminders, Wait-listing, Check-in, and Social features.

Events Administration

Meta data management, Events moderation, Realtime Roster Reports, Walk-in confirmations, and Events Analytics.

Freemium To Premium Beta

Are you a Event coordinator, Gym instructor, Dance master, or other freelancer? We help you manage your Events and Payments.

Talent Management Platform Beta

All Talent Data In One Place

Aggregated Employee Data: OKRs, Performance History, Skills, Learning Records, Personality Traits, and Intrinsic Needs & Values.

Self-Aware Employees

Make your employees be self-aware to promote their strengths and emotional intelligence and to maintain cohesive relationships.

Build Stronger Teams

Employees alike can make more informed and more insightful decisions, and make more effective use of limited resources.

Talent Coaching

Performance discussions don't have to be just on what happened. Our AI/ML tools help you transform them into inspiring experiences.

Talent Succession/Re-Org

Don’t wait for your talent to leave to plan their succession/Re-Org. Our AI/ML tools help you model scenarios and be prepared.

Talent Hire (Campus Recruitment)

Hire your future workforce not just by skills, also by their passion, personality traits, values, and needs that align with your culture.