HR Tech 2016 - Reporting from Chicago

October 01. POSTED 3 years ago

Five Commandments Help You Land a Dream Job

April 30. POSTED 4 years ago

I got the calling last February to go find my next play. I had to shop the job market after a decade of being employed in the same company, so I was clueless as to where to start. Yet I took a deep breath, had a nice family dinner, and seized a good night sleep. The next morning, I reached out to my Board of Advisors (BoA) for some help. These wonderful people sat with me, discussed my needs, and then helped me begin to devise a plan to land my dream job.

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CES 2015 - Few Takeaways

January 09. POSTED 5 years ago

To Gadget Lovers:

Not sure how many of you attended CES 2015 or enjoyed a glimpse of it, so I have complied the video highlights for your viewing pleasure.

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Ctrl+Alt+Del: Unlocking your next BIG IDEA!

November 14. POSTED 5 years ago

I manage Innovation programs for eBay Inc. and give keynote speeches on Innovation. One comment I often hear from folks is that "speakers are mostly talking logical, but seldom giving tangible tips for where and how to find the next big ideas". The question is fair, because I had the same difficulty when I ventured into innovation space. Now that I have picked up some tricks along the way, partly through my experience rest from others, I would like to share them with you.

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Don't settle for Kick Ass Events, you can do better!

August 20. POSTED 5 years ago

I am an event organizer, my guests usually say 'it was a kick ass event, or something like, you know how to throw best parties'. If you wonder what the secret is, it is plain and simple. I don't arrange 'just an event' anyone could forget in days; instead offering awesome experiences no one can forget that easily. So I would like to share few of the creative tips/tricks I picked up along the way. Are you ready?

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