What we do?

InnovationMinds helps you permeate a culture of Innovation and innovative thinking at all levels throughout your organization. We help you engage your workforce in a way that stimulates new and creative ways of looking at everyday challenges and new ideas.

Our Approach

We work with you to understand your moonshot goals, challenges, opportunities, where you are in your Innovation journey, and where you want to take it. Customize our framework, events, and SaaS platform to suit your needs, and partner with you to implement the program end to end.

We Belieive

Innovation thrives when you enable your employees to be creative and collaborate across hierarchies and disciplines.

And, we are here to help you with that!

Why Innovation Minds?

InnovationMinds has partnered with several companies and academic institutions to provide a holistic solution to institute and nurture their Innovation and agility. Our 6-Thons© framework makes your program robust and relevant, yet uncomplicated to implement. Our easy to use workflow-driven SaaS platform creates a backbone for your program, a one-stop-shop for managing your innovation cycles and activities, and an attractive, engaging meet-up space for program leaders and employee participants from the C-suite to the front line. We help you facilitate curated events to stimulate active employee engagement, and provide a mastery of over 100+ Innovative Technologies to inspire and coach your innovators.


6 - THONS Framework

Ideas to Breakthrough Results, in just 6 months!

  • The only framework that solves the needs of four pillars of Enterprise Innovation - Business, People, Processes and Technology.
  • Scalable and customized approach for each client with dedicated onsite support to help develop your Innovation strategy.
  • Proprietary Tools and Templates for each Thons, providing guidance around developing innovative ideas, transforming them from good to great, and getting them to the finish line.
  • Each milestone is designed to produce tangible results cost effectively.
  • ROII (Return on Innovation Investment) can be measured and realized in each phase.

Innovation Labs

We will work with you to design/build innovation labs at your campus to provide best environments for learning & creativity. This helps you nurture a creator culture, also enables tomorrow's innovation for today's workforce!

  • Passionate employees to continuously explore, practice, learn, and hack new Ideas.
  • Inventory of Emerging Tech and readily available Hands On APIs Support.
  • Connect the oppurtunities from Emerging Tech to your Business and Learning agenda.
  • VR/AR Tools & Content for making the Learning & Doing to be fun. Why not Informative Campus Tours too?
  • Interactive Amazon Echo voice assistants to provide your employees the information they need?
  • AI, IoT, and Blockchain systems for transforming your business digital savvy.
  • Gesture systems to make Learning be natural & Smart Lobby to share your moments in social tools.

Talent Find

Seven step Technovation framework to identify, coach and hire top talents from best institutions of your choice. A win-win for your Company and the Institutions involved.

  • Learnathon for students to learn & experience Innovative and Emerging Technologies and be inspired.
  • Your company presents interesting challenges of your business to these passionate students.
  • Makeathon on a weekend for these students to build ideas/prototypes solving your needs, preferably using your APIs.
  • Expo for the products they built, so your employees co-learn how to leverage the Emerging Tech.
  • Your leaders and HR can spot the best talent from these students from hiring perspectives.
  • Promising ideas/prototypes from this partnership can make into your product roadmap.
  • Intellectual Property aspects should be worked out prior to each engagement.

Innovation Software Platform

Idea Management

Gather ideas, nurture, evaluate, vet, apply, solve, then repeat.

Stakeholders & Employee Engagement

Listen and learn from your entire workforce. What-If, Feeds & Messaging

User Innovation Scores

Measure excitement, engagement and innovation performance​.

Design Thinking & Open Innovation

Workflows structured with Design Thinking, Agile, Co-innovation and Co-creation.

Customization & Branding

Language, imagery, architecture relating to your business​.


Content attractive and sized for your dynamic mobile workforce.​

Data/IP Security & SSO

Seamlessly access portal with confidence that your data/IP is secure.

Built-in Email & Messaging Tools

Seamless, easy communication and alerting – all interactions in one place​.

Innovation at play

Events management, voice-to-text, personality insights & smart matching​.

All your Innovation. one platform.

We provide holistic solution to institute and nurture your Innovation and agility.

Proven 6 thons framework, Innovative one stop shop software platform, curated events to keep up the engagement, and mastery of over 100+ Innovative Technologies to inspire and coach your innovators.

Tell us, how can we help you?

Voice of Customer

Ez Arasan

Chief Technology Officer


“The play-a-thon was a big hit in our community, the Behavioral Healthcare community in NC. This has definitely stimulated a flow of ideas not within our company but also from all of our partners.”

Kristin Hoffman

Innovation Program Manager


“I cannot say enough about how much fun it was to have Bala at our CIO conference -- and it is not easy to keep approximately seventy-five mortgage industry CIOs/CTOs thoroughly engaged!”

James Shaut

Innovation Program Leader


“I continue to get requests - even today - from organizations across Comcast that want a gadget expo brought to their organizations. Many thanks for a great collaborative experience - very kick ass!”